So, you recently are redesigning your bathroom to include an amazing garden tub, a stand-alone shower, and may even be retiling your floor or changing your light fixtures. Your walls will still need some work. The boring, painted wall that was fine in the “old” bathroom now will look plain beside your new tub and tile. Lucky for you, Wall Sensations has a variety of murals that could leave your bathroom looking like a spa resort.

Perhaps the hardest part about picking a mural is deciding on a theme for your bathroom. If you have already started the redecorating process, you may have already picked a theme. Any number of Wall Sensations’ existing photographic murals could make your bathroom look amazing. Imagine relaxing in your bathtub by a luxurious beach or waterfall scene. These scenes exude a serene, natural appearance, and can relax your mind as you soak after a long, stressful day. Or, look up from your bathroom vanity and see a beautiful garden or sunset in the reflection. Perhaps you would prefer a cloud scene, or to be surrounded by underwater tropical fish? The image you pick for your bathroom mural can really help set the relaxing tone for your bathing experience. Of course, if you have an image that you want to use, Wall Sensations can make a custom photographic mural for your bathroom.

The mural theme you pick will decide on the tone of the rest of your bathroom. If you choose to put murals on all the walls of the bathroom, you will be surrounded by the scene, and be transported from your simple bathroom to whatever paradise you choose. If you choose to use a mural on only one or two walls, be certain to paint your other walls in a complimentary color. This will allow the other walls to draw focus on your mural, and will allow the mural to feel like an organic part of your bathroom decoration.

Of course, your mural is not the last step in decorating your bathroom. Pick matching bathroom accessories: bathmats, shower curtains, and hand towels in complimentary colors to the mural can help enhance the beauty of the scene. Perhaps use a few tropical-scented candles for a beach scene or floral candles if you have chosen a garden scene. If you have not replaced your light fixtures, try some softer light bulbs. The mural will work with these other pieces of your bathroom decorating to help provide the spa retreat feeling in your bathroom.

Why spend so much time and care on the decoration of the bathroom? Relaxation. For many, the bathroom is where they can relax after a hard day, calm their aching joints and let their minds wander free. Soothing scenes and colors can relax your mind while you relax your body. For an hour, you are not in your home… you are in a tropical paradise, a gorgeous European spa, or stretched along a beautiful beach.

Your Bathroom is more than a place for you to take a bath- it is your home spa. Use a wall mural, and enhance the beauty of that spa.