Wall Sensations specializes in panoramic photographic murals for walls and fences. We have a wide catalog available of images available for our customers to choose from when selecting their murals.
Sometimes, however, using more than one mural design can be more amazing than just selecting a single image for your mural.

Let’s look at one of our most recent installs for an example.


Waterfall murals are popular backyard murals, and in this case, the customer chose to use several different wall murals to make a more complete image for their fence.

This customer had a large yard, and an extra-long fence space for the new wall mural.

Instead of just covering one portion of the fence, or just using one mural, this customer chose to use several different mural images along the fence line. The murals are a variety of waterfall and garden murals, and when you look at the finished product next to the existing yard features, the final visual effect is amazing.

Use a koi pond, a garden mural, and a waterfall for one massive fence.

The combination of multiple images to make a single wall mural is a fantastic idea; one that can really make a unique mural with even our most commonly used mural images. Notice how the fence on either side of the yard has two different images: a waterfall, and a small pond. While they are two separate images, two different murals, they look exciting when placed on the opposite sides of the yard. The multiple mural images lend a beautiful, sophisticated appeal to the entire yard, just by having slightly different images throughout the fence.

The different images transition seamlessly from one section of the fence to the next. While this smooth changeover from one mural to the next is aided by the existing landscape design of the yard, our professional installation team put together a stunning mural that moves from one image to another without looking strange or unnatural. The full mural image looks as if it could exist all in one scene.

The green colors of the mural work well with the yard’s existing landscape design. The bushes, trees, and grass look natural beside the panoramic photographic images. The homeowner can stretch out on these lawn chairs knowing that their formerly unsightly fence is now beautiful with this stunning wall mural.

Wall Sensations murals are printed specifically for the wall needs of each client and installation. Our outdoor murals are printed on a flame retardant vinyl with a UV cured ink to resist fading, and are guaranteed not to fade for three years. The material is weatherproof against direct sun, snow, and rain, which ensures that the mural will remain beautiful for years to come.

Our images and printing are high quality. With our beautiful wall murals, you will not get the pixilation one would expect from printing small files on large papers or prints. With a Wall Sensations photographic panoramic wall mural, you will find a beautiful, high definition quality image that gives a three-dimensional feel to a dull, flat wall space.