At Wall Sensations, we want to know what kind of mural you want for your wall and what will work best with your yard.

As amazing as our Southwest or Mountain murals are, not all yards will look good with these images.

So, before we even do a mock-up of your yard, we will work with you to see what sort of vision you have for your mural and may even suggest images from our catalog that will help your backyard “pop!”

Here are two of our latest installations:
asian koi pond

This customer chose an autumn-themed Asian garden mural, with a lake and a bridge to cover a portion of the yard. It creates a tranquil, serene backyard scene.

waterfallThis lush green yard has one of our popular green waterfall scene, complete with a pond. From this perspective, it appears that the pond in the mural is part of the yard.

This mural would not work in the above yard, at least to the same outcome, because the fence would throw off the visual imagery of the pond.

Wall Sensations has a variety of categories of murals to fit almost any backyard set-up, and soon, we will have more categories and increase our catalog. Keep an eye out for more textures, images and even some more exciting additions from our featured artist, Kathleen Croft!

Wall Sensations holds all our murals to the highest standard and quality. All of our murals are high-definition, printed on waterproof, fade-resistant, lightweight and flame retardant material and can be easily installed over any fence or wall, regardless of the surface or material. The murals are backed by our three-year no fade warranty.

Do you want to refresh your office today? Contact us, give us a call at 602-539-6485 (West Coast), 702-437-1107 (Las Vegas), or 954-840-WALL(9255) (east coast) and we’ll get started!