Wall Sensations catalog of images includes a wide variety of panoramic photographs and categories, but now, we’ve expanded this catalog to include a few more images in some of our more popular categories and introduced a few new categories to help you select the most beautiful mural for your space.

Let’s check out some of these new images now.

First, a few images from our growing Garden category:

Japanese Garden Bridge Garden4886  Tree in an Asian GardenJapanese garden

These images would look beautiful in your garden, giving you a hint of an Asian flair, or make your yard look like a beautiful park.

Next, we’ve added some textures to our catalog:

Rustic Stone Wall  Texture8589Panoramic picture of sunflowers.

Textures are repetitive images that can be stretched easily across any surface, regardless of size, and maintain the same look across the image.

Other new images include Boats and Lighthouses:
Lighthouse7190 Boston, Massachusetts

These images allow you to have a Nautical-themed mural.

To browsw these images, and all of our other panoramic images in our catalog, click here.

These images, like all of our other images, are available to be printed on waterproof, fade-resistant, lightweight and flame retardant material and can be easily installed over any fence or wall, regardless of the surface or material.

The murals are made of flame retardant vinyl and are backed by our three-year no fade warranty.

Do you want one of these sensational new murals today?

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