Wall Sensations New Featured Artist: Kathleen W Croft.


Wall Sensations would like to take a few minutes to tell you about our new featured artist, the award-winning photographer Kathleen Wasselle Croft. Kathleen Croft is a world traveler and highly talented photographer, and we now have the privilege to add photos from her collection to our catalog. Here are just a few of her

Wall Sensations Installation: Gentle Truth Healing


Over the years, Wall Sensations has installed several beautiful and amazing wall murals, and have often discussed how an amazing mural can whisk you away from a dull, boring backyard. Your mural can transform a plain, boring fence into a wonderful place for relaxation and rest. For our latest installation, Gentle Truth Healing we installed

Bringing life to an Office with your mural


The office cubicle. It has become a busy, almost ubiquitous part of office life. They offer a place to work in private, free from distraction of other coworkers, but close enough to the coworkers that you can still reach out to get information and assistance when needed. While cubicles have their functions, helping increase productivity