Mural Spotlight

Relaxing Koi Pond Mural

January 27th, 2015|Mural Spotlight|

Recently, we posted a blog about the tranquil outdoor mural we installed for Gentle Truth Healing. That mural was of a beautiful Asian-style garden, perfect for meditation and tranquility. When we installed the Asian garden, we also installed two more fence murals, a relaxing Koi-pond mural. Along with Gentle Truth Healing’s beautiful Asian garden scene,

Futuristic Mural to revitalize your Common Areas

July 23rd, 2014|Mural Spotlight|

Common areas. There are several different types of rooms that qualify under this category, in either business or residential settings: Waiting rooms, television/media rooms, entertainment rooms or lounges, they all typically have one thing in common: comfortable seating, something for entertaining those using the room, and dull walls. Take this room as an example. In

Decorate your dorm: A stunning Back-to-school Mural

July 14th, 2014|Mural Spotlight|

Soon, the college Fall Semester will begin. Students from around the country will begin to move in to (Or back into) their dormitories to face another year at the books. And no place at a college: classroom, library, or even the cafeteria is more important to the student than their own dormitory. So, why have

A Backyard Décor Trompe L’oeil

April 20th, 2014|Mural Spotlight|

In our Wall Sensations blogs, we have frequently discussed how the use of one of our fantastic wall murals can help amplify a room or outdoor space. Now, let us show you an amazing residential install that uses captures the full potential of both the homeowner’s exterior furnishings and the mural to make a truly

Break Room Adventure Mural

March 12th, 2014|Mural Spotlight|

  Cafeteria, lunch room, break room. Whatever you call it, your business most likely has one of these places: where employees can eat their meals away from their workstations, perhaps watch some television, sit around, socialize with their co-workers, and enjoy that time away from the hustle-and-grind of their regular job in order to relax