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CDC Pools Wall Mural Looks Amazing

You are surrounded by crystal clear water with a fabulous view of a beautiful mountainous island. The temperate air envelopes you in warmth and luxury, while occasionally offering a delightful breeze as the fluffy white clouds dotting the light blue sky bring delight as you pick out a variety of formations. Your body and mind […]

Wet N Wild Water Park Wall Art

Any small business that offers services for all ages can benefit from professional wall murals highlighting the personality of the business space.  A prime example of the effectiveness of Arizona wall murals is the type designed especially for Wet n’ Wild water park. The art is eye-catching and hearkens back to the era when Americana […]

Now this is a home office

Work out of the home? What could be better than having the corner office of a high rise. Whatever your ideal environment, Wall Sensations can create a space that is comfortable and productive.

Another wall made Sensational!

Scenic wall murals can be used to create an exciting focus at home or at the office. They transform the appearance of the wall surface from an ordinary single colored wall to something that is alive and invigorating. Custom wall murals can also be used to add a touch of class and visual interest to […]

This backyard is simply gorgeous.

Have you ever wished that you lived someplace out of the way, maybe with a beautiful, scenic view? Perhaps you’d love to live out near the majestic beauty of the Colorado mountains, but don’t actually want to move there? If you live in an urban area, you might think you are stuck with concrete and […]


The coastline... right near your pool!

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This fence looks amazing with this beautiful sunset.

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Travel to the monument Valley without leaving your yard.

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This cactus needed a mural on the nearby walls.

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