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A Beautiful Backyard Paradise

Joe L. was tired at looking at all of the boring block walls in his huge backyard. He called Wall Sensations to produce a beautiful and tranquil scene that now surrounds his yard.

A Happy Client in Anaheim

John H. of Anaheim CA had an interesting backyard. His wall was stained and discolored. He saw the Wall Sensations editorial in the Orange County Register and gave us a call. Once installed, John could not believe how good his backyard looked.  

The beach at night

To The Beach

Maggie A. of Costa Mesa, CA needed something to complete hew backyard dream. She already had the sand, some beach chairs and a bucket to keep her beverages cold. However, she would stare at a block wall. She had us bring the beach to her and now she can thoroughly relax and enjoy.

A Retirement Present for Me

Rhonda J. in La Palma, CA was looking for a solution to cover up her boring wall that surrounded her pool. When she called Wall Sensations we were able to install a beatiful scene that she can enjoy all day long as she just retired. Look at the dramatic difference.

It Looks Like You Can Walk Right Through

But don’t as you will smack into the wall. Vicki G. of Scottsdale, AZ cannot believe how amazing her wall looks. Her backyard is already beautiful however, when looking at her wall, something was just needing a little Wall Sensationalism. Here is the final result.

My Backyard Is Now A Work Of Art

Jane D. lives in the dessert. Her backyard is big and a little baron. Now, with her mural, she can look at a work of art every day. “I have never seen my backyard as a work of art- especially these horrible block walls that we all live with- I am thrilled to say the least”.

A Great Way to Give MIrrored Closet Doors a New Look

Karen L. of Long Beach, CA recently remodeled her home. One of the things that she didi not like was the mirrors on her closet doors. Wall Sensations was able to provide a low-cost solution to purchasing new doors. She was so happy with the results!

Another Awesome Backyard Wall Installation in Florida

This step-up back wall was covered up nicely with a beautiful scene by this customers pool

WOW – Fantastic Underwater Scene on Florida Home Wall

Positioned perfectly by the pool, you will feel as if you are swimming with the fish, with this vibrant underwater scene.          

Beautiful Pool Area Scene – Florida

This screened in pool enclosure in Florida provided the perfect backdrop for a beautiful and eye catching Wall Sensations mural.