In 2004, Wall Sensations founder Alan Gellman moved from upstate New York to Scottsdale, Arizona, where his beautiful backyard landscaping clashed against drab cinderblock walls. He tried painting the walls four times, but these modifications didn’t last. After experimenting with different materials, he discovered 9-ounce supermesh. Using UV digital ink on this surface results in a lightweight, flame-retardant, waterproof and fade-resistant wall covering. He covered the block walls with a waterfall scene, which continues to enhance the beauty of his outdoor space today.

By 2009, Gellman had researched and developed his outdoor wall coverings enough to form a business. Homeowners love the durable, cost-effective and stunning décor. From family portraits to coral reefs, panoramic vistas to Tuscan trompe-l’œil paintings, Wall Sensations is able to print high-resolution images that transform your space. Our image library continues to expand, while our company’s app allows us to preview any high-res image in your space before installation.

Wall Sensations has grown beyond our original niche to produce interior wall coverings in addition to exterior décor. While we continue to provide excellent customer service to homeowners, we have expanded to commercial properties and multi-family housing. We have transformed call centers, corporate meeting rooms and construction zones into picturesque spaces that appeal to the imagination.

If you wish to beautify your space, we hope our project portfolio inspires you to contact us.

How Does the Process Work?

Our favorite aspect of this work is hearing your stories. We love to hear what inspires you to transform your space. Give us a call or an email today.

Step 1: Free Consultation

Receive custom design mockups of images on your wall.

Free Consultation

Our free consultation will give you an overview of the process and help you choose the best design for your space. We will use your wall and provide custom design mockup previews of images.

Step 2: Design Process

Select from a wide range of image library options or choose a custom photo.

Design Process

We provide design mockups, custom-fit to your space, to help you decide prior to purchasing. Choose from our image library, select a photo from your personal collection, or custom options.

Step 3: Production

Once designs are approved, we can print and ship or install within 5-7 days.


Once designs are approved, we can print and ship or install within 5-7 days.

Step 4: Installation

We deliver and install wall coverings, or you can install them yourself.


We deliver and install wall coverings globally, with customized installation to best suit the location and environment. You can also install them yourself if you prefer!

Select An Image

Pictures speak a thousand words. The right image can perfectly distill your company’s message, create an excellent working environment and make a positive impression. Whether you run a corporate office, a retail storefront, a restaurant, a construction company or another commercial facility, consider the value added by Wall Sensations.


We specialize in the printing and installation of large format exterior & interior wall murals to spec.


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