What is Wall Sensations?

Wall Sensatons is a company that produces wall high quality wall murals that hang up over walls, fences and more!

How are the murals installed?

Depending on the wall you want to cover there are several installation methods. Brick/Block walls- our murals are seamed and grommeted to be hung with concrete screws or a molly and a screw.
Inside walls – you can hang your mural with staples, thumb tacks or double sided tape. Our custom wallpaper is self stick and easily removed and reused.

What about rain and snow?

Our material is completely weatherproof and withstands direct sun, snow and rain.

Is this a painted mural?

No, our material is printed with a UV cured ink and resists fading. We offer a 3 year non fade warranty.

What materials are they made of?

All materials are a flame retardant vinyl.