Virtually any image, illustration, design, or photo can be turned into a beautiful Spa Skirt Sensation.


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12 design options available in the standard hot tub sizes.

Spa Skirt Sensations are designed and developed to turn any hot tub or above-ground pool into a work of art, allowing you to match your tub to the look and feel of your environment. Whether you choose textured tiles or scenic views, Spa Skirt Sensations offer cost-effective solutions to dress up your ugly, old, hot tubs.

Installation Options

Installation options vary based on the type of hot tub you own, and can be installed over almost any manufacturer of hot tubs. Installations can be completed in the following ways, and “how to install” instructions are available via the Spa Skirt Sensations install department:

  • Velcro
  • Tacks
  • Screw into tub panels using existing holes and screws
  • Industrial Grade Staples
  • Hanging via Hem and Grommet (Custom finishing)


A 5 Year Warranty is included on every Hot Tub or Pool Wrap. Spa Skirt Sensations are removable, interchangeable, long-lasting, and easily washed with a garden hose.


Custom Wraps are available and can include custom imagery and sizes, quotes on request. Pricing is based off design time, sizing, cutting, and finishing needed per job.

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