Project Description

The college dormitory: a confined, small space where your sons and daughters live while trying to study and obtain the higher education to help them succeed in life.

Ordinarily, the college dorm can be small, uninviting, and cramped. But, with just a simple wall mural, the College Dorm can feel less like an overcrowded cubicle and more like a homey bedroom.

Dormitory before and after: Footprints in the sand.

 Take a look at this dormitory. In the before picture, the student has covered their wall with several small pieces of artwork: a couple of sketches, some prints, but the wall still has a cramped, boring feeling to it. While this wall has a spark of individuality, the wall does not necessarily embody the feeling of home and inspiration that a student needs to succeed in college. Luckily, with Wall Sensations, your student’s wall can become a work of art all on its own.

However, with the addition of a Wall Sensations wall mural, the dormitory begins to feel a bit more like a home: a place to live, relax, and inspire. The mural itself, not one from Wall Sensation’s regular photo gallery, shows a sunset beach with a single pair of footprints, a reminder of the highly inspirational poem ‘Footprints in the Sand’ by Mary Stevenson. It is a reminder to the student that they are not alone in their struggles with school and a beautiful, peaceful scene to help them rest at night.

The mural does more than inspire and relax. It helps brighten the room, making the small, cramped dormitory feel like it is a much bigger living space. The larger, brighter living space makes the dormitory a much easier place to study, a place where the student can relax, study, and feel at home.

A dormitory is not a permanent living space. At the end of the school year, your student may want to take the mural down, to put it up in their new dorm the following year or place it on the wall of their home bedroom when they come home for the summer.

Not to worry!

Wall Sensations murals have several installation methods, and our interior murals can be hung with staples, thumbtacks, or double-sided tape. If you choose to make your mural as custom wallpaper, the adhesive is self-sticky and easily removable and reusable, so that your student can enjoy the mural in several different dormitories.

 Do you have a college student that needs a touch of home and inspiration in their dorm? Contact us today and we’ll get started on decorating your student’s temporary home!